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Construction Technician - Temporary

Location: Scobey, MT
Type: Part-Time, Temporary
Closing Date: Open Until Closed

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Place direct buried cable using digging and trenching equipment.
  • Perform various aerial duties including climbing poles, installing or removing cable, installing “messenger strands”, “lashing” telephone cable around messenger strand, transferring cable and equipment from old pole to new pole.
  • Restore all disturbed surfaces, such as concrete and bituminous pavement, trim trees and perform other landscaping duties as necessary.
  • Place cable within the underground conduit system.
  • Maintain underground conduit system and performs construction duties as required.
  • Set telephone poles by using pole truck, digging machinery and various types of bracing methods and equipment.
  • Prepare time sheets and accident reports as required.
  • Is familiar with proper use of tools and work equipment, including hoisting, digging, or trenching equipment. See that all tools or work equipment are in good working order and are properly used, maintained and stored.  Report defective tools or equipment in order that they may be replaced or repaired.
  • Is familiar with the considerable hazards that exist in connection with the construction or maintenance of any phase of outside plant work. This includes falls, electric shock or flash, falling objects, and traffic. Is familiar with and uses protective equipment and safety practices and is able to provide first aid and artificial respiration, including pole top rescue.
  • Submit time, mileage and gas tickets, material charge-outs and credit-ins, and any other clerical forms or other required procedural work.
  • Operate automotive equipment when assigned. Complies with all traffic laws, safety rules, regulations and safe practices.
  • Keep informed of all system policies and procedures. Attends and participates in all safety and training meetings scheduled.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Able to climb poles, read and interpret cable records, and have working knowledge of vehicles and equipment.
  • Able to interpret specifications and staking sheets.
  • Must know basic electricity.
  • Must have basic computer skills.
  • Able to accept responsibility for, and work under, occasional stress situations.
  • Memory for and attention to numerous details.
  • Able to maintain workflow, prevent bottlenecks and prevent hazards.
  • Able to work in a team environment and interface with other departments in a positive/productive manner.

Education / Experience

  • Up to one year as apprentice and/or six months experience as Groundsman is desired.

Physical Demands

  • Physical exertion may be medium to heavy.
  • Climbs, stoops, reaches, handles, lifts.
  • May work in all kinds of weather.
  • Must not be colorblind
  • Wears all employee safety devices as required.
  • Must be capable of working in aerial bucket truck with a capacity of 300 pounds or less.
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